Second International Course on Translation Hepatology

10 Marzo 2014 - Ospedale di Careggi - Aula Magna NIC, Firenze

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Introductory Lecture Complexity in Medicine the Example Of Hepatology

Welcome by Local Authorities

HBV and the host focus on the adaptive immune response

The innate immune response in viral hepatitis

Autoreactivity in viral hepatitis

Assessment of new metrics of immune responses

Biomathematical models of viral dynamics for tailoring antiviral therapy

Anti-HBV therapy: Is there a place for innovative approaches?

HCV patients with normal ALT in the DAA era

Sex and the anti-HCV therapy

The spectrum of future anti-HCV therapy

DAA treatment of HCV patients with advanced liver disease and/or age

What’s new in HCV genotype 2/3 treatment

Molecular biology of HBV-related HCC and targeted therapies

Antiviral therapy in coinfected patients